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B i o g r a p h y

Jazz guitarist, composer, and educator Jamie Slater has been a fixture in the Charleston, SC  Jazz scene for over 20 years. Jamie is a Charleston, SC native and holds a degree in music theory and composition with a concentration in Jazz guitar performance from the College of Charleston where Jamie studied with internationally recognized composers Trevor Weston, Edward Hart, and ASCAP Award winning composer David Maves.

​Jamie studied classical guitar under Grammy award nominee Marc Regnier and Jazz guitar under Jazz guitar educator and author ​​Jim Bastian.

Jamie has been a private instructor since 1988 and since 2001 has taught Jazz, Rock, Blues and Classical guitar in Mt. Pleasant SC.  He currently teaches at his state of the art teaching facility in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

He has had the privilege of performing countless musical engagements (including the Spoleto Festival) with such great South Carolina musicians as Kevin Hackler, Tommy Gill, John Cobb, Kevin Hamilton, Quentin Baxter, and Charlton Singleton. His Jazz trio, the Jamie Slater Trio performed at High Cotton Maverick Bar and Grill in historic downtown, Charleston several times weekly for 13 years.  Jamie's trio also plays each week at Hall's Chophouse on King St .


​Jamie has composed music for a variety of ensembles but now mostly writes for the Jamie Slater Trio.. ​ 


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